Arson Punx

by FDA

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"FDA hails from Toledo, Ohio and their self-described “Rust Belt Punk” style will certainly grab the attention of any Minor Threat, OFF! or Western Addiction fans. The band just released their new full-length, “Arson Punx” on SuperDrunk! Records and it kicks some serious ass."
- Johnny X of


released December 4, 2013

Recorded by Chris Stoll of Audioflare Productions in Holland, OH. 2013.
Cover image by Matt Barden.
All songs written and performed by FDA.




all rights reserved


SuperDrunk! Records Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Outta Luck
“OUTTA LUCK” – I’m the mirror fucking image of no control, feed me coffee gimme booze I’m faster than the world, Crystal methamphetamine I know the recipe, find it on the internet and download it for free, Should knowledge be illegal? Should this be illegal? Won’t be surprised if I don’t ever wake up, the jury’s back, the verdict’s in, I don’t believe in luck, And something’s gonna break soon, something’s gonna shatter, Misery fucking loves me and I love her too, Seen it all before, You’ll never play me for a fool, One lesson from the Buddha, life is suffering and suffering is self-inflicted so have another drink, Live on without consequence via self-appointed morals
Track Name: I'll Pass
“I’LL PASS” – Rise up from the ashes, repeat the process until it’s unbearable, This time I might change before it becomes completely deplorable, Cycles start and cycles end before the bull-shit starts again and every time she lied to me I know she wasn’t listening, I refuse to be the only one that continues to struggle
Track Name: Faust
"FAUST” – The ones who make it complicated never get congratulated and you won’t even try this shit until you get intoxicated, Think it has to do with your lack of self-confidence, Talkin’ what you did but you’re living in the past tense, Sign your life away, Sign in blood on the dotted line, Your shot exists just give it time, Life is always worth the risk, So bombs away, yeah, bombs away
Track Name: The Living Dead
"THE LIVING DEAD” – The distance, that silence, your fucking self-indulgent heart, I think it’s time you share some of your chapters before I start the sequel to another fable and edit and edit and edit and make it rhyme, They’re so entitled it makes me want to scream, They’re so entitled it makes me want to scream and shout and bloody my knuckles, The living dead, Go home, make a sandwich and try your best just to forget that you didn’t contribute to the lights or the rent, Safe travels, I hope you get stranded and have to beg for money from your dad, Hope you cry when you hear this, I hope you feel like shit, Let’s pray you re-evaluated all those little decisions that led you to be so egocentric, Get fucking bent
Track Name: Arson Punx
“ARSON PUNX” – I have found a way to leave their judgements at the door, I have found a way to rise above, We’re gonna rise above, Arson punx on the stereo, I win, You lose, It’s my job to keep punk rock elite, I am not a dinosaur waiting on a record deal, I don’t go out and play a show and spend all night in the VIP, I drink, I scrap, I sound angry, I’ll tear apart this town, We drink, We fight, We drink, We fight, We fight, Keep it a crime
Track Name: Last Call
“LAST CALL” – This is defiance, look for the rage, The novelty of this banality has finally run it’s course and not matter what I seem to do it only makes things worse, House built of playing cards crash into the street, Is this what they wanted for me? This is defiance, reject the things you’ve come to learn, look for the rage, Littered with consequence spinning toward unknown horizons, I stumble blindly toward the edge, Sometimes I wake up at sunrise just to watch it burn and I pray someday I might forget the things that I have learned a practice in futility, another version of grass roots, let’s see what this is really worth, I just can’t wait to show you how careless I’ve become, aged so quickly that you’ll never recognize my face, I can’t wait to tell you the things I did and what I meant to say every time I turned and walked away
Track Name: Nothin' Left
“NOTHIN’ LEFT” – Gunshots rip apart a once innocent town, bleeding like an oil spill, it’ll only get worse, free to bear arms, this copper context, a right now inked with drug-riddled aggression, Another afternoon, another show and tell, another sleepless night in which you fed me rope to hang myself, Nothin’ left to say, Nothin’ left to do, I got nothin’ to lose and that gets me thinking, Lightning insults the injury, hitting the same place six or seven times, at least we still got domestic flags, oh wait, I lied, Another wasted night, Another late start, Another chance for me to make my fucking mark
Track Name: 99-2-1
"99-2-1” – We are the people that have been here every year, we are on a mission, what it is it is not clear, Now the trend is coming back, the third estate’s gonna kick some ass, we got podcasts and some internet but we don’t need to live like that, Dissent, We are 99, it’s 99 to 1, Smash-drunk-full on the bills of hypocrisy
Track Name: Billion Dollar Caliber
“BILLION DOLLAR CALIBER” – Please tell me something, what’s really worth more, the guns or the money? Throughout my life I’ve looked around, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to break it down by every time I come up, Empty, Handed dollars digitally, misappropriate economy, fund the federal armory, keep us broke, We don’t want money or their lies, Throughout my life I’ve looked around but nothing really matters now, go ahead and bet, Against, The, Spread the wealth, divide and conquer, Billion dollar caliber, split the decimals until there are none
Track Name: The End
THE END” – Not the type of guy who puts his pen to the notepad thinking of the things that he’s wishin’ he could have, I’m after something completely different, borrowing time in this finite existence, This anger, this passion, it feed my rage, rob another corner store, it keeps me sane, ran outta fake checks, all outta options, I know somebody’s listening but I’m tired of talking, Keep on struggling, searching after some here-after, reap what you sow, play all the games, keep on struggling searching after some here-after, all good things must come to an end, Somebody’s listening